Bed and breakfast near Cascais, Lisbon

Lisbon – View from the top of the Discoveries MonumentCascais – Aerial view

GPS coordinates

N 38º 42’ 20.92”
W 009º 23’ 20.55”

Driving directions from Lisbon airport

Rua do Monte Leite,
346 Condomínio Estoril Verde Mar
A1, 3.º D 2765-496 - São João do Estoril
Lisbona - Portugallo

DOLCE VITA - Guesthouse
Rua do Monte Leite, 346,
Condomínio Estoril Verde Mar A1, 3.º D
2765-496 - São João do Estoril, Portugal

Tel. 351 214 002 104; 351 933 920 320

Dolce Vita Guesthouse
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Dolce Vita Guesthouse is located in Estoril, a beach resort close to Cascais, Lisbon and Sintra. Dolce Vita Guesthouse provides its guests a quality B&B’s accomodation with great comfort, quiteness and security in an informal environment near Lisbon.
During the Second World War, owing to Portugal's neutrality, many illustrious refugees passed through, as did spies who stayed at hotels in the region. During the second half of the 20th century, with the development of tourism, Estoril became a popular area for both Portuguese and foreigners, particularly for its mild weather, with its long, pleasurable summers.
Local beaches are excellent, two of them, Azarujinha and Poça, just a few minutes walk from Dolce Vita Guesthouse.

Cascais – Traditional boats at Fishermen's beach

Moreover, for beach lovers there are many to choose from and visit along the Atlantic coast.
But Estoril also has other attractions, such as a casino, famous for its gaming and entertainment, a handicrafts fair during the summer months, and music and film festivals.
There is a vast choice of restaurants, both in quality and quantity, with a particular emphasis on the fish and seafood.
Within walking distance of Estoril is Cascais, a cosmopolitan town that has a great cultural and commercial offer.
You can stroll around Cascais and admire the local architecture, view the fishermen who still carry on their activity, visit the excellent local market, with its great variety of produce from land and sea alike, or the museums and the Cascais Cultural Centre, which provide an opportunity to get to know the historic and artistic heritage of the region.

Old tram cruising Lisbon

If you have a liking for water sports you can visit the Cascais Marina and the neighbouring Yacht Club, which often host important regattas in a region considered one of the world's best for sailing.
In the surroundings of Cascais and Estoril there is a great deal from which to choose, from the coast with its attractive beaches to golf courses for players of every standard, not forgetting the tennis clubs or riding facilities.
If you've time to explore other places, don't miss the opportunity to visit Sintra, less than 30 minutes drive from Estoril.
In Sintra wander along the hills and enjoy nature, the royal palaces, marvellous estates, the Moorish Castle and enchanting gardens that will make you believe that here, happily, time has stopped.
Lisbon, Portugal's capital, is also near Estoril, approximately 30 minutes by train or by car.
From Dolce Vita Guesthouse you can enjoy easy one-day trips into the beautiful portuguese countryside, knowing that on your return you will always find a special place to rest and recall the emotions of your discoveries.
Who knows whether, sitting on the balcony with a view over the sea, you may be surprised by a firework display in the neighbourhood during the festivals season?

Sintra - Pena Palace
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